We are Mattia and Viviana,

since we decided to rent the first apartment in the historic centre of Turin (Anita apartment) as a vacation rental in 2009, restoring it with this intent, we soon found exciting and challenging to make the acquaintance and spend some time with people from all over the world.

We had no hesitation, therefore, when in 2011 we had available another apartment (Marcello apartment), to pursue the course of vacation rentals in the wake of an increasing tourism in Turin, a city almost unknown about ten years ago but worthy to enter with full rights among other Italian cities of Art.

In the summer of 2014 we had the opportunity to move to the nearby countryside of Asti (where we have plans to start a bed & breakfast) and it was naturally make the apartment that’s been our home in Turin since 2009 another vacation rental (Federico Apartment).



Both graduated in Cinema (we discussed the thesis on the same day with the same teacher), we chose the name La Dolce Vita Vacation Rental Apartments Turin as a tribute to the great Fellini, and also because the sweet life is what we hope our guests would do in our apartments in their short vacation in a city, Turin, which compared to other Italian cities we feel more human scale. A big "village" where you can meet acquaintances in the most disparate places.



We devote ourselves with passion to all aspects of this activity: refurnishing, cleanings, reception, advertising

We hope to meet you soon in our beautiful Torino

Mattia and Viviana

Affitto Case Vacanze Appartamenti Torino Centro

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